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Our Services

Your vision for your future is unique and can be complex. That's why we tailor our advice to match your goals and aspirations. Whether you require advice on just one area, or several areas, of specialisation, we will collaborate with you according to your preferences and needs, and put you in control of the scope of your financial advice and its costs. From your first meeting, you will know the scope of your advice, and any fees involved.

Wealth planning and accumulation

Vision + Success + Relationships = Wealth Creation

What do you aspire to in life? Whatever your objectives, a personalised wealth plan can help you reach them sooner, with less risk. We review your current position and establish your goals to then look for opportunities to either enhance your existing wealth accumulation plan or create a new one.

Investment planning

Keeping you focused on what you do best

When you live a rich and active life, it can be difficult to give your investments the attention they deserve, especially when markets are volatile. We can help you navigate the complexities of today's investment markets and build a portfolio that will stand the test of time. After we assess your first risk tolerance we give you access to a diverse range of investment options and establish a disciplined approach to review your investments in line with your strategy.

Super and retirement planning

Up-to-date understanding for optimum choice

With its built-in tax advantages, super is a powerful vehicle for long-term wealth creation, despite growing regulatory complexity. We can help you make the most of the opportunities super has to offer, so you can enjoy the retirement lifestyle you've always looked forward to. This includes (but are not limited to):

  • Pre and post retirement strategies

  • Retirement income streams

  • Centrelink strategies

  • GESB planning

  • Consolidation of superannuation

  • Wealth distribution strategies

  • Superannuation death benefits

Self managed super fund planning

Take control of your future

We can help you consider the suitability of a self-managed super fund, set it up for you and guide your ongoing investment strategy to maximise tax-effectiveness and minimise costs. We can provide you with a complete service (compliance, administration, trustee support and investment strategy) or simply be a coach and sounding board when you need it.


Ensure your assets end up in the right hands

Astute estate planning is essential to protect your family's future financial security and ensure their lifestyle isn't impacted by unexpected legal or tax implications. We can help you transfer your wealth smoothly and tax-effectively, so you can leave a lasting legacy for those you care about most. We partner with quality estate planning specialist to give you the certainty you need. 

Risk insurance

Protecting your family by protecting your assets

As you build on your success, it becomes increasingly important to protect the wealth you've worked so hard to create. We can help you safeguard your family's financial security, now and in the future. We help you put in place strategies to protect your income and assets if you suffer a serious illness or accident. This includes (but are not limited to):

  • Life cover

  • Total and permanent disability cover

  • Critical illness cover

  • Income protection

Lending and debt management services

Tools and techniques to use debt effectively

Managed well, gearing can multiply your returns and create new opportunities to grow your wealth. Managed poorly, it can undermine your long-term financial security. We can help you secure cost-effective finance, then keep borrowings under control with accelerated debt reducing strategies. This includes (but are not limited to):

  • Debt review and re-structure

  • Debt consolidation

  • Debt elimination

  • Business, home and personal loans

Cashflow management

Taking control of your cashflow

Keeping track of cashflow can be challenging, especially when you have a growing investment portfolio generating multiple income streams. We'll help you understand and manage your cashflow tax-effectively, so you can be sure your money is working as hard as you do.

Tax, accounting and business solutions

Know your numbers, know your business

Whether you prefer a trust, an SMSF or a holding company, the structure you choose for your investments can have a significant impact on your after-tax returns. We can help you select the right structure for your unique situation and maximise the benefits with a disciplined approach to tax planning.

We also offer a wide range of accounting, tax & business services solutions and can provide you with advice on a single issue, or a comprehensive plan that considers your entire situation. Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Tax advice & ongoing tax management

  • Accounting & bookkeeping solutions including cash flow management.

  • Business insurance (key man cover, buy/sell arrangements)

  • Audit services

  • Small business advice